38″ Silly Monkey, Wrap Around Waist, Ventriloquist Style Puppet

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Product Description

”Silly Monkey” is 38 inches tall.
Brand new, ships directly from Silly Puppets Inc.
See item description below for more information.

This is the wrap around version of our very popular Silly Monkey puppet! He is slightly over 38″ in length. This Full Body Puppet extra long legs and arms allow you to “wrap” him around your waist and neck making it look like he is clinging on to you. Velcro on his feet hold them in place. His fur is so life-like. Completely movable mouth. There is even extra detail screen printed on his cute monkey fingers!

Arms are about 20″ long and legs are about 22″ long.

Insert your hand up through bottom of the puppet to operate the mouth.

Included is one arm rod which can be clipped to either hand for arm movement.

This funny monkey puppet is a real hit with audiences of all ages!

Recommended for ages 7 and up. Children under this age would enjoy having an adult or older child operate it and put on the show for them.
High quality, wrap around, ventriloquist style, puppet made by Silly Puppets.
Easy to move mouth. Hand entry through the bottom of the puppet. Includes 1 arm control rod.
Velcro on the hands and feet allow you to wrap around your neck and waist.
Height is about 38 inches tall. Lightweight at just about 1 pound.
Puppet can be dressed in child size 2T clothes.



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