Nickelodeon NICI 37054 – Ayumi Be You “Secret” Soft Toy with PVC Tag, 38 cm

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Girls Toy

The world of the AYUMIS – Incredibly, Individually and with special abilities. The name AYUMI has his origin in the Japanese and means “you goes her way”. With your glittering eyes AYUMIS look till your soul. They listen to you and always stand by you. As well as you, every AYUMI is unique and has a special ability. Secret [HIMITSU] feels how it goes for you and always stands by you. She is mysterious and profound. She rests in herself and is receptive to moods. She feels how it goes for you. She knows exactly in which state of mind you just are and always stands by you. LOVE lends [OW] you courage to stand to yourself. She is courageous and self-confidently NO says you also sometimes if to her is disagreeable a little bit. She feels if you are unsafe and lends you courage to stand to yourself and to represent your own opinion. FUN [TANOSHIMA] provides for the fact that you will always have fun. She is crazy funnily and a little bit. She has no prejudices and accepts you as well as you are. She brings magic and imagination in your soul. HOPE [KIBOU] helps you to find your own way. She is steadfast and patient. She is wise like an angel. Tell her your wishes and dreams.
Ayumi Be You “Secret” [Himitsu] model.
Secret senses how you feel and is always by your side.
The name Ayumi has its origins in Japanese and means “she does it her way”.
Ayumis can look deep into your soul with their glittering eyes.
38 cm soft toy with PVC tag.



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