Harry Potter Sorcerers Stone Trivia Game by Mattel

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This is trivia as only Harry Potter can do it. Combine your Harry Potter knowledge with this unique game from Mattel to get a truly magical experience. Even experts will be challenged as players try to answer questions with 3 possible outcomes. But only the person who collects 4 wizards and the password can be called a true Harry Potter authority. Includes 750 questions about Sorcerer’s Stone. For 2 to 6 players or teams. Ages 8 and up. Imported.
Fans of the amazing exploits of a certain literary phenomenon and wizardry student are bound to go whole-Hogwarts for the Harry Potter Trivia Game. This clever and challenging Q&A contest mixes a Slytherin scoop of Peeves the Poltergeist with the mechanics of Trivial Pursuit. As they round the circular track, players answer questions in five categories (one Places query asks, “What lies behind the ‘Leaky Cauldron’?”), collect various Charms cards, avoid Curses played by opponents, and then return to their Houses to answer a final question. It’s a cool game, definitely designed for hardcore Harry fans, but it has a couple of nice features for those who wouldn’t know a Ravenclaw from a Hufflepuff. There are multiple-choice questions (though players score extra Charms if they answer without this option), and there’s a Spell card that allows you to “think like Hermione.” Play this card, and you get to answer another player’s question. –Tony Mason



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