Migration 100Piece Set of Animals Figures & Accessories in Storage Container

Product Description

100 Piece Animal Set! 60 Animals and 40 Accessories.
Small & Medium Size Animals plus a Variety of Fences and Trees
Set includes Wild, Jungle, Farm, Desert, Ocean Animals & Birds.

Animals included are: Australian Shepherd dog, cat, German Shepherd, hen, Pig, goat, turkey, RAM, Donkey, horse, Goose, cow, deer, Flamingo, wild chicken, sheep, bunny, Mouse, kangaroo, hog, hippo, camel, Raccoon, Lion & Lioness Tiger, Cheetah, gorilla, Rhino, snake, Bobcat, hyena, garden snake, Crocodile, alligator, bold Eagle, zebra, fox, long Necked Goose, elephant, frog, Beaver, owl, Ostrich, Baboon, giraffe, Wolf, Panda, penguin, ant eater, Grizzly & Cub, rooster, turtle, Squirrel, porcupine, Koala, Platypus, deer, 20 trees and 20 Gates.
100 piece animal set! 60 animals and 40 accessories.
Small & medium size animals plus a variety of fences and trees
Set includes wild, jungle, farm, Desert, ocean animals & Birds.
Made of top quality & safety tested to for all American guide lines.
Storage container included. Makes a very unique and lovable gift.



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